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We are a Union Mason Contractor specializing in New Masonry and Masonry Restoration Services. We serve central IL, Eastern IA, and Northern MO  Area. Contact us today to find out more.


About Us

We are a local family company started in 2016 with 30+ years of trade experience.

Our Team 

Bud Cooper

Bud is an owner and our lead field superintendent. Bud has been in the trade since he was 17 years old starting out for a local independent company and eventually joining the union in 1997 during that time he worked for 2 different company's that helped him better his knowledge in masonry. Bud stresses quality and safety above all else. 

Derek Cooper 

Derek is an owner and our lead estimator. Derek entered the  trade in 2010 at the age of 19. He was also a union mason. Derek attributes his knowledge of masonry to his father bud and some of the other seasoned masons he was able to work with and learn from.


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New Shower house 

This was a small shower house we built for young's lake in kirkwood IL. It was an honor to be part of the lakes growth and to help a small community in our area


Kuno Struck Mansion Renovation

This was a complete restoration project to the exterior of the historic Kuno Struck Mansion in Davenport IA. This project included tuckpointing of all mortar joints, relaying of all lintels, relaying of stone retaining wall, and rebuilding of balconies. We really enjoyed being apart of this project and helping maintain the history of this historic home.


New Masonry Wall inside of The Vault in Galesburg IL

This was an add on to an existing larger project. We installed new interior walls closely matching the existing historic walls on the building. Over 14,000 new brick were installed.


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